We have great introductory driving lessons offers for a manual car and automatic transmission, if there are special promotions available for learner drivers, they will only be valid for the first purchase. These offers are for pupils who are beginners and pay in advance for the block booking. Please note any deals are not for existing students. Pupils after their initial deal will pay at the standard rate for whichever transmission type.

Automatic and Manual driving lessons Prices

New Students - Weekdays(9:00 till 18:00)

  • 2 hours £75.00
  •   10 hours £375.00Refresher intensive course
  • 20 hours £740.00Intermediate intensive course
  • 30 hours £1095.00Beginner intensive course
  • Test Day Fee £130.00
  • Any deal can only be used once by the same student.

Weekend & Evening(from 18:00)

  • 2 hours £80.00
  •   10 hours £400.00Refresher intensive course
  • 20 hours £780.00Intermediate intensive course
  • 30 hours £1160.00Beginner intensive course
  • Test Day Fee (Weekend) £150.00
  • Any deal can only be used once by the same student.

Pass Plus Course (PP) / Motorway Lesson (ML) / Refresher Lessons

  • 1 hour (ML) £40.00
  • (Minimum 3 Hours £120.00)
  • 6 hours (PP) £250.00
  • 2 hour (Refresher) £80.00 

Offer only available to new pupils and valid only on the first purchase of block booking for intensive driving courses only (Subject to available offers). PayPal Fees are included in checkout prices. If you like to avoid paying PayPal fees, you can pay Bank Transfer. Lessons Booked after the initial deal will NOT have any hourly discount on the standard hourly rate or on bulk buy. All lessons on intensive courses have to take in a maximum of 60 days from the day of purchase. A deposit will be collected and only refunded if the booking is canceled two weeks before the first lesson.

Lessons are booked in only two-hour slots to maximise the benefit of your tuition. You will pay the instructor directly at the start of your lesson either in cash or through Bank transfer. You also make payment online through the website before your lesson.

Tuga driving school will not be held responsible for any payments paid to your instructor directly.
When you register with the school and get booked in our system you will be asked to download an app that keeps students’ driving process and payment records. Subject to the instructor having the system.

Use of our car for your driving test – includes one hour pick up before Test (local test center), ’pre-test’ warm-up & practice, time on driving test, insurance during the test, debrief and return travel time to Pick up point. Fixed Fee For the Following £130 – Mitcham, & Croydon. Other Test center prices may change due to distance. Weekend test £150.

Prices updated April 2022.

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Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

Exceptional classes, quality training, and informative instruction. In less than 40 hours of driving, I was able to attain a full driving licence by passing the driving practice exam with the help given by Antonio and his car. I cannot recommend this school highly enough.

Hans Coessens

John has been a great instructor and it was a pleasure learning from him. He is very friendly and made me feel at ease even when I was nervous. He is stern when he needs to be and I can feel I have improved a lot thanks to his teachings. Highly recommend!

Sarah A.

Antonio is such a good driving instructor, he cares enough to prepare you for real life driving, not just to pass the test. Passed first time and feel comfortable driving due to my lessons! I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to be a safe and responsible driver. Thank you Antonio!

Sophia Teixeira

Antonio was a great driving instructor, he doesn’t only prepare you for the test but also for real life driving experience. He goes above and beyond the basics of driving which helped me to pass first time with only 3 minors. Thank you Antonio!

Chris Ogunlana

I took my test on 5th March and I passed 1st time with only 6 faults thanks to John. He is brilliant, professional, patient, experienced and very very friendly. John always made me confidence while driving, he is strict but because he cares about my driving skills and safety in the road, so when the time comes I would be fully and well prepared, both for the driving test and independent driving in the future. I totally recommend Tuga driving school and John, it will be worth it every penny.

Gerson Benjamim