Practical Test Booking

If you require assistance with your practical test booking we can handle all of this for you, for a modest charge. Take the hassle out of organising this, and be assured that it will be sorted out for you, on your behalf. We also offer Last minute bookings for tests if you have a requirement to book a test within a short amount of time click here. For service fees please check link.

DVSA test fees

Theory fee: £23
Practical fees: £62 (For evenings and weekends will be £75)

If you require us to book it for you for standard booking will be test fee plus £20 admin charge.

Use of our car for your driving test  will be extra not included on the DVSA fee– includes one hour pick up before Test (local test centre), ’pre-test’ warm-up & practise, time on driving test, insurance during the test, debrief and return travel time to Pick up point. Fixed Fee of £100 for manual and £100 for automatic For the Following – Mitcham, & Croydon. Alternatively you can book it your self for free click on link below. (Use of car fee will always apply)

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