In order to get from one point to another without staying in first gear, your car needs to have a gear box. It allows the car to change gears and transfer power from the engine to the drain train in the most efficient manner. In lower gears, there is more available power while the speed is reduced. On higher gears, power is reduced while speed is increased.

While every driver agrees that the gear box is important when it comes to any car, there is no general consensus as to what type of transmission is better. Some say it is manual, while others choose automatic gear box.

Both types of gear boxes have their own advantages and disadvantages. One might be ideal for a given situation while becoming useless in another. Before you make up your mind on this is the better transmission, below are the pros and cons of manual vs. automatic gear box.

Manual Gear Box

Drivers who want to be more involved in the driving process prefer having a manual gear box. Even though it is the older transmission type, there are still a lot of drivers who love driving with manual transmission.

A car with a manual gear box is less expensive compared to one with automatic transmission. It doesn’t matter what brand or make you choose, the manual option is more affordable compared to the automatic model.

And when it comes to maintenance, a manual gearbox is cheaper to maintain. The automatic transmission has more parts and machinery that will end costing a lot more to keep it in tip top condition. On the other hand, a manual gear box doesn’t require costly maintenance. And when you need to repair or maintain it, it will be cheaper compared to servicing an automatic gear box. However, you should note that a manual transmission has a clutch, which is lacking in an automatic gear box. And if the clutch is damaged, you can be in lots of trouble.

When compared, a model with a manual transmission has better fuel efficiency compared to the same model with automatic transmission. Manual gear boxes are simpler, lighter in weight, and has more gear compared to automatic transmissions. And as a result, you get more mileage out of your full tank compared to an automatic car. Drivers of manual transmission are able to save five to 15 percent on fuel expenses.

Manual transmission provides better control compared to a car with automatic gear box. The latter is often conservative when choosing the gear and as a result wastes power of the engine. Drivers rely on the gear box to handle road conditions as they encounter it. On the other hand, manual transmission gives the driver more control over the car.

Automatic Gear Box

Over the past couple of years, popularity of cars with automatic gear boxes has increased. But despite their popularity, a car with automatic transmission doesn’t mean it is the better choice. But to be fair, there are some areas in which an automatic gear box is better than a manual one.

For one, it is much easier to use. There’s no need to remember to step on the clutch when changing gears. Driving becomes simpler with an automatic gear box. Drivers also take less time to learn how to drive compared to a car with a manual transmission.

New drivers are taught to keep both hands on the wheel all the time to be safe on the road. This might not be possible with a manual gear box. However, you can keep both your hands on the wheel at all times when you drive a car with automatic gear box.

Less experienced drivers find it hard to go up steep inclines using a manual transmission. However, this is an easy task when driving a car with automatic gear box. You can easily maneuver over steep hills without any worries.

There’s also less risk of stalling with an automatic gear box. The car with an automatic transmission will only stall on the road if it experiences a mechanical problem.

And if you live in a place with heavy traffic, then a car with automatic gear box is recommended for you. Constant starting and stopping is a hard task with a manual transmission. However, this is not the case with an automatic one. All you need to do is to push the pedal.

Simply put, an automatic transmission is easier to use, while manual transmission provides more control for the driver. An automatic gear box is for people who want an easy way to get from point A to B, while a manual gear box is for those who want complete control of the car. Which among automatic and manual gear boxes do you prefer to use?