Driving lesson London, may never be the same again. Many of you would’ve had a driving test booked before the pandemic lockdown. You now are waiting eagerly for the DVSA’s return to providing driving tests, since now is three months into lockdown.

With driving instructors advised not to provide driving lessons to none key workers many that had a driving test booked before the lockdown on March 23rd will be anxious on how they will be ready for there new driving test date DVSA has rebooked. In most cases, the test was rescheduled at least 3 months after the original date.

Even more anxious will be done who have their theory running out as well as not being able to take their driving test.


Who can still drive?

If you are a key worker, you can have a driving lesson London and even have an emergency driving test. With only a few driving examiners volunteering there are very few slots available which may also put you in a difficult position.


The bright side

Looking at the brighter side. When driving lessons London does resume there will be certain guideline we will have to adhere to for the safety of the learner driver and their instructor. Driving instructors will undoubtedly have to keep their car sanitised before and after every learner driver and in between the driving instructor drive and the students drive. Most likely both parties will have to use face masks and where possible have the car window open for better ventilation. Regularly washing your hands especially before every driving lesson and also help with the reduction of the spread of the coronavirus. At the moment we can only assume that the driving tests will be of a similar guideline.

Learner Driver Wing Mirror

What can I be doing in the meantime?

Because you are not taking driving lessons right now it doesn’t mean learning has to stop. If you had started driving lessons you could be recapping lessons plans and keeping up with the Highway Code. If you have started learning to drive then you would start learning the theory and Highway Code amongst other materials and videos.

When this current situation clears and driving tests are back to normal a lot of learner drivers will be more likely to be looking for intensive driving courses. These driving courses will get learning to drive a car a lot quicker. With this in mind, Tuga driving school provides intensive driving courses in London. They have one week intensive driving course two weeks intensive driving course one month intensive driving course.

Having driving lesson London is essential to get drivers on the roads to keep fewer people on public transport to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Whilst it’s true to have fewer people on public transport will reduce the spreading the virus,  the government is worried that if driving lesson London increase so the spread of the virus between instructors and students. Many driving instructors believe if we stick to the guidelines using face masks, washing hands regularly, disinfecting every surface it should keep the virus at bay. Like anything, there is a downside to having more people on the road which will mean more traffic but it is only a temporary measure. Let’s look forward to being back on the road.

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