The Dangers of Driving in Summer

A lot of people think that driving in summer is safer compared to driving in the winter months. There are lots of dangers during summer that are more deceptive than the floods of spring and icy roads.

For most people, driving in hot weather is better than driving in winter. However, most fatal road accidents occur during the summer season. There are several reasons why summer is more dangerous than winter when it comes to driving.

Roads are More Congested

Everyone is taking a summer break, and heading towards their summer destinations. That’s why roads are more congested during the summer months compared to that in winter. And when there are more cars on the road, traffic jams are common occurrences. The potential for road rage is high because of the traffic jams and the heat. You should also watch out for drivers who will cut you off just to be ahead. Another danger while driving in summer are the vacation drivers who are not familiar with the roads. This could lead to erratic driving or going too slowly, especially near tourist spots.

Construction Ahead

Summer is the best time to do road constructions. Areas, where there are maintenance and constructions works, have a high number of fatal accidents year after year. You should be more careful when driving near construction areas.

Excessive Heat

The weather during summer can be dehydrating, especially if you are going to take long drives. You should always bring a bottle of water with you in your vehicle. Engines also have a higher chance of overheating during summer, especially if you depend a lot on your air conditioner. If by chance you suffer from an overheating engine, you should pull over and let it cool down first.

More Bikes on the Road

Motorcycles and bicycles are more likely to be on the road during summer because of the warm weather. It is the time of year that bikers and cyclists have the chance to use their vehicles after keeping it inside the garage throughout winter. It is important for motorists to be more mindful about them.
Driving alongside cyclists can be dangerous, especially when you are parallel parking, turning right, and any other traffic manoeuvres. Hundreds of cyclists are involved in fatal road accidents each year, especially during summertime.

Keep in mind that you should not share lanes with motorcycles. They should be given their own space on the traffic lane. When behind motorcycles, it is important that you keep your following distance, at least, four seconds.

Tire Blowouts

Summer can be harsh for your vehicle’s tires. The hot weather can cause the air inside the tires to expand that can result in a blowout, especially when the wheels are well-worn. It is important to regularly check the tires during summer, especially when there are heatwaves.

Well-maintained tires will not only keep you safe but save you money as well. They help improve the handling of the vehicle, increase the lifespan of the tires, provide better fuel economy, and protect against crashes and breakdowns.

More Inexperienced Drivers on the Road

Another danger of driving in summer is the inexperienced drivers on the road. School is out, and that means more teen drivers. Because of their lack of experience, they can make questionable actions that can increase the risks of getting into an accident. According to statistics, teens are more likely to be part of vehicular accidents than any other age groups.

Tips before Hitting the Road during Summer

When you are going on a trip, be sure that your stuff doesn’t exceed the payload capacity of your vehicle. You can check the manual to determine the maximum weight of the passengers and cargo that the vehicle can carry. And before heading out to your summer destination, make sure that you can see from all windows.

Summer is also the time for seasonal allergies. Driving with allergy symptoms can be dangerous, not just to you, but other drivers on the road as well. And most over-the-counter meds have ingredients that will make you drowsy. When planning to drive for long distances for the summer, you should talk to your pharmacist or doctor to ensure that the allergy drugs that you are taking will not impact your energy or alertness.

As you can see, summer is a time when a lot of dangers are on the road. You should be careful when driving in summer. Whether you are just going to do some chores or on a long road trip, you should be extra careful when driving in hot weather.