When looking for a driving school, one of the things you need to consider is the instructor. Having the right driving instructor is one of the crucial factors in becoming a good driver and getting a driving license.

The first step in learning how to drive is to choose an instructor. While it might seem easy at first, it is not straightforward as it might seem to be. There are lots of factors you need to consider. Below tips that can help you find the right instructor for your driving lessons.

Where to Look for Driving School Instructors

One of the best ways to find an instructor in London is through the Internet. You can search for various driving schools in the city and go to their websites, such as Tuga Driving School. You can contact the driving schools through their websites to inquire about their driving lessons, as well as the qualifications of their instructors.

You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations. If someone close to you has good things to say about the driving school instructor, you are more likely to receive the same treatment as well.

Before you make any payment for driving lessons, it is important that you get to know the instructor better. You should also ask if the driving school is offering a special rate trial lesson. This will allow you to determine whether you are comfortable with the instructor before paying for the lesson.

Ability and Qualifications of the Instructor

A driving instructor in London must pass the Approved Driving Instructor examination. You can check with the Driving Standards Agency on whether an instructor is an ADI or not. Vehicles used in driving lessons must display an approved DSA badge. A green octagon badge signifies that the instructor is fully qualified. A pink triangle is for a licensed trainee who is not yet fully qualified.

Price of Driving Lessons

One important factor in finding the right driving instructor is the price. A driving school provides different types of driving lessons, and they vary in prices. Standard Driving Lessons are for beginners who want to learn how to drive a car. Intensive Driving Lessons are for students who need to learn in a short period. Then there are refresher lessons for drivers who want to refresh their skills. Some driving schools in London can book the practical and theory tests for you after taking lessons from them.

Some driving schools provide trainee driving instructors. They are much cheaper than ADIs. But along with the price cut, the instructor also has less experience. If you already know the basics of driving then you can consider taking lessons in London from a trainee to refresh your knowledge of road safety and traffic rules. If you are a beginner and tend to be nervous while driving, then consider getting a more experienced instructor.

Pass Rate

The pass rate of an instructor is not as helpful in determining one’s competence in teaching how to drive in London. If you want to know about one’s pass rate, be sure to find out how it is calculated. Ask the instructor whether the percentage is for students who have passed the first time. You should also ask the number of lessons that they have taken before taking the driving test.

Vehicle Used in Driving Lessons

It is recommended to use a car that is similar to the one that you will be driving. It is vital to take driving lessons in a car that has dual controls. That way the instructor can take control if ever something bad happens. The seat of the car must be adjustable to suit your frame and make driving comfortable during the lessons.

Choosing the instructor for your driving lessons is a personal choice. You should pick someone who can communicate clearly and make you comfortable. You’ll be spending a lot of time with the instructor and he/she will be responsible for your safety. If you are not comfortable with the instructor, you should ask the driving school for another one. Finding the right instructor is important if you want to pass the driving test.