Motorway Driving Lessons

Drive with skill and confidence with our motorway driving lessons

Once you pass your driving test, there’s nothing stopping you from driving on the motorway. Whilst you may have read the Highway Code and practiced on dual carriageways, the motorway is a very different experience. If you want to ensure you can drive on the motorway in a calm, safe and confident manner, investing in motorway driving lessons can make the world of difference.

At Tuga Driving School we can offer motorway lessons that last at least six hours. 

During this time you will be assessed throughout and we will cover topics such as:

  • How to drive safely on the motorway 
  • Making effective observations
  • Driver attitude
  • Consideration for other road users
  • Decision making
  • Assessing road/traffic conditions

As well as motorway driving lessons we can also offer:

If you want to get to know us a little better first, feel free to look around our website where you can get to know us as well as our positive testimonials left by previous students. 

To go ahead and book driving lessons with us, book via our website or call us on 07876 773 423.