Intensive Driving Course Streatham

Pass sooner rather than later with our intensive driving courses in Streatham 

Are you looking to pass your driving test in early 2022? Do you want to fast track your way into learning how to drive? Perhaps you’ve had some past experience and want to invest in some intensive lessons so you can pass your test in a few days or weeks?

Offering a quick way to pass your test, our intensive courses can help you pass with flying colours.

At Tuga Driving School our intensive courses are ideal for those that don’t have the time to spread out lessons. Instead, we can give an intensive approach towards learning how to drive, condensing everything into a short period of time.

Once you have passed your theory test, we can begin with intensive lessons that are tailored to your schedule. You will have the same instructor throughout so we keep consistency; with the aim of getting you fully prepared to take your driving test.

To see our fees for our intensive courses in Streatham, browse our website for further information. To go ahead and book, follow the booking form or call us on 07876 773 423 where we’ll be happy to help.