Automatic Driving Lessons

Want to book automatic driving lessons?

Choosing to learn in an automatic car can take away the stress that comes with learning to drive in a manual. Instead of having to worry about an extra pedal and the gears, an automatic car does it all for you. For those that wish to book automatic driving lessons in London, we are here for you.

Why learn with us?

At Tuga Driving School, you’ll benefit from our experienced and friendly driving instructors who will do all they can to make you comfortable behind the wheel.

We appreciate that you may find certain areas of driving difficult, so our instructors will always work with your needs so that you can have an enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re brand new behind the wheel or have had past experience in a manual or automatic, you can trust in us to help you pass your test.

Book your automatic driving lessons now

Fill out the contact form or give us a call on 07876 773 423 where we’ll work out a suitable time to book you in for your first lesson.

For now, feel free to find out more about our driving school and our driving instructors by taking a look around the website.