Automatic Driving Lessons Balham

Pass your test with our automatic driving lessons in Balham 

Are you looking to take your driving test this year? Do you want to learn to drive an automatic instead of a manual?

Many people choose to learn automatic because it can be less complex than manual driving, so if you’re based in Balham and need some automatic driving lessons, Tuga Driving School is here to help.

Our prices

We like to keep things transparent so you know what you’re paying for, so here are our rates on lessons and bulk packages.

Minimum 2-hour lessons:

£30 P/Hour *

Other bulk discount packages:

1-hour £32.50 /per hour (Weekday rate) *

10 hours £320 £32/hour

20 hours £620 £31/hour

30 hours £900 £30/hour

Other bulk discount packages:

1-hour £35/per hour (Evenings and weekends rate after 6pm-9am) *

10 hours £340 £34/hour

20 hours £670 £33.50/hour

30 hours £990 £33/hour

To find out if automatic lessons are right for you, see our website for more information where you can also see pass rates depending on ages.

If you’d like to book automatic driving lessons in Balham with us, use the contact form or give us a call on 07876 773 423.


Disclaimer- Please bear in mind these prices are subject to change at any time without notice.